Exploring The City
Located on the Salsette Island, which itself dwells from the opening of the Ulhas River in the coastal region known c alled Konkan, Mumbai is microcosm India. The whole of the Mumbai city is at the sea level covering total area of 468 km. The ancient yet so modern Mumbai city is the home to many bollywood stars, sportsperson, politicians and other renowned personalities. The Mumbai city had once been the stifling tropical archipelago of the seven islands and now from the fabulously rich people to the achingly poor people, all can be found in the metropolis, Mumbai city.

A Metropololitan City
Mumbai city was declared metropolitan city of the country India in the jurisdiction of Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation. The two districts of the Maharashtra are the Mumbai city (often known as Island City by media) and the Suburbs. Within the Mumbai city lie three lakes namely, the Tulsi Lake, the Vihar Lake and the Powai Lake. The teeming metropolitan city which has been the commercial hub for the old civilization is trying to attain position in the New World Order. The Mumbai city’s people are legion out of which we have the wealthy industrialists, the flashy artists, the internationally acclaimed artists and stars, the workers, the teachers and the clerks etc. and all live within the city in the multi-storey buildings or some even in sprawling slums. People grounded in this metropolitan city come from diverse ethnic background, with multi-lingual languages adding their colors and texture to this Great Mumbai city.

The Bombay High Court is seated in the Mumbai city itself under which the jurisdiction of states of Maharashtra, the Goa and also the Union Territory of the Daman and Diu lies. In the Mumbai city, there are two lower courts namely, the Small Causes Court for the civil matters only, and the other being the Sessions Court for the criminal cases.

Due to the location of the Mumbai city over the sea, the soil cover is sandy within the city region whereas it turns out to be largely alluvial and rather loamy in the suburbs. However, the Mumbai city is settled on the unstable active zone resulting to three fault lines in the surrounding region. Therefore, that area is the Zone III region, i.e. an area prone to earthquakes and that too of magnitude of about 6.5. Well, to talk about the Stock Exchange of the Mumbai city, then within an overnight, people are turned to millionaires and to paupers; the pathways are full with the vendors selling small to big everything.

Whats New In Mumbai City