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My Mumbai City is a Portal that is Designed Around You, the Citizen of Mumbai. The City with its Rich Culture and Heritage Has a Lot to Offer and We at My Mumbai City Want to Make Sure that It Lasts Forever.

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Every week, we make it a point to bring to you the local news and events that are shaping this city and pulling together crowds from other parts of India and the World. We bring to you the latest events, cultural issues, local exhibitions, fashion shows and civic events. Keep yourself posted on the latest happenings going around Mumbai City. Get the best of local updates and news happenings in this city. Let the local events of this city show you what it is capable of. Meet Mumbai City head on and be a part of its tryst with destiny. This is My Mumbai City, Your Mumbai City.

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As a citizen of Mumbai, we know that you have a lot you want to share. Here at My Mumbai City, we offer you with a platform where you can share with us everything you want. Write about your tale of Mumbai, how you live and where you live. Tell us who you are and how you see Mumbai in the coming years ahead. Together with your help, we shall leave no stone unturned.

My Mumbai Voices

Living in Mumbai City can surely be difficult. Getting on a single day means having to pay bribes, waiting in lines, travelling by the locals and meeting deadlines at work. It can certainly be a bustling time for many. My Mumbai Voices is a community and discussion board that aims at making life a little easier. If you have paid a bribe or looking forward to any Right to Information, speak out. My Mumbai Voices is a community that is designed to help curb corruption and tackle nuisances one step at a time. We look forward towards your participation in helping save Mumbai for generations to come. Come be a part of the forum and let’s see what you have to say!

With collaborative efforts from some of the greatest minds in the city of Mumbai, they blog, comment and pass down their own opinions into what makes this city worth fighting for. Meet the people who have experienced this city inside out and catch up with them at the My Mumbai Voices Discussion Board. Become a contributor and voice out your opinion. Contribute to the forum and be a part of a campaign that can change this city forever. Inside this warp and woof of a city lies a variety of views and opinions that are lashing to come out. Be a voice for them.

Be a Part of Mumbai

Being a part of Mumbai, you can hear and read the opinions about a number of people from around the city who are diehard fans of the metro and who contribute their tales of experience of what surrounds them. If you would like to Become a Contributor, send us your content and we shall be happy to publish it for all of Mumbai to see and read. If you have any queries or doubts that need to be answered or simply need to get in touch with us for any promotion or advertising campaign, we shall be delighted to hear from you. Contact us now and we shall get back in touch with you within 24 hours.

At My Mumbai City, you can now be a part of the revolution of what will change this city. It is time to Save Mumbai and help us move on by creating a safer and better future for our friends and families. Speak out what you want to say, voice your opinion and help save this city with Mumbai Voices. This is Our Mumbai City and we are here to help transform this potentially great city into something truly great.

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